Joan Wiederspiel


Having mastered the art of looking for new opportunities, Joan Wiederspiel decided to put her search expertise to work in the field of recruiting and staffing. Discovering talented people to fill openings in her client companies has become Joan’s claim to fame. Being an industrious business person since graduating from college in Southern California, one of Joan’s passions besides staffing was to own her own company. She is now living out those two dreams in her company called Abbott & Associates in Vancouver, WA. At Abbott, Joan and her team spend their days searching the country for qualified candidates to fill positions ranging from temporary workers to corporate executives. While her most active niche is the healthcare field, Joan has the drive and versatility to cover almost any industry.

Having learned from one of her mentors early in her career that a company’s staff is by far their greatest asset, she doesn’t merely find jobs for people, she researches and probes at length to find perfect matches for critical job openings. In searching for her own opportunity years ago, Joan found herself in a few pivotal sales positions with companies such as AT&T Wireless where she achieved stellar results. Although she certainly has what it takes to be a top-notch sales executive, Joan never lost sight of her two passions for staffing and being a business owner. She made those passions a reality in 2002 when she opened Abbott & Associates. Joan never looked back, now running her own highly successful national recruiting and staffing company in the Pacific Northwest. 

  • Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration/Marketing from San Diego State University
Services Provided:
  • Staffing
  • Healthcare Staffing
  • Client Relations
  • Recruiting


Fun facts about Joan: Joan met Jim Rohn author of 7 Strategies for Wealth and Happiness. A book that taught her invaluable goal setting strategies that has helped her to achieve some of her life’s greatest accomplishments. Joan is also an avid dragon boater out of Vancouver Lake.

Favorite food: Chicken tacos but only from Southern California; Joan was born and raised in Torrance, CA.

Favorite family activity: Be anywhere and do anything with her family.