Tera Rogers

Staffing Specialist

Tera joined the Abbott team as their newest Staffing Specialist in April 2021. She is a certified Functional Nutritionist as well as a Phlebotomist and has worked in various roles in the medical field since graduating from high school. She is passionate about helping others and personally enjoys bringing friends and family together. She went to Portland State University and received her Bachelor's degree in Applied Linguistics with Minors in Spanish and Graphic Design. She loves meeting new people, listening to their stories and helping them to achieve their goals. 

Fun fact about Tera: Tera lived and studied abroad in Italy for a year in high school and then in Costa Rica for four months while in college. She loves to travel and learn about different cultures, languages and cuisines! 

Favorite food: Taco salad or tacos of any kind

Favorite family activity: Anything outside with her son, husband and dogs