Our Story

Abbott & Associates was founded in 2002 by Joan Wiederspiel. After years of loyal service as a market vice president for a top staffing firm, Joan found herself laid off.  She quickly turned that hardship into an opportunity. Driven by her passion to help talented people achieve their goals, Joan started her own company.

That passion is the spirit of Abbott & Associates today.  The foundation of our company culture is a drive to do good things for others.

Though we have grown, Abbott & Associates is still a family owned and operated business. We know our market inside and out, and we understand the challenges facing both employers and job seekers in the Portland area.

With every search, we strive to exceed the expectations of our clients and our candidates and ensure everyone achieves their goals.

Our Mission

Abbott & Associates, Inc. is committed to enhancing the professional lives of those we serve by providing exceptional partnerships in employment solutions.

We will be recognized as fair and professional where diversity is promoted.

Our focus will remain set on the needs of those we serve. This commitment to quality will be realized by our growth and impact on the community in which we contribute.

Our Twelve Guiding Principles

It all starts here. Dedicate yourself to the empowerment of one another in order to demonstrate our diversity and humble culture.

Honesty is our foundation. The integrity of our staff is the ground on which our company is built on.

Take personal responsibility for your work and not only will the quality show, but you will inspire others to do their best as well. This attitude will make you stand out and delight our clients.

Defined as the client companies we serve, our employees whom we support and our vendors who support us. We will care for them beyond their expectations.

Our clients will define our service offering by leading us to their unique needs. We will remain empowered at the local level in order to ensure that we are able to react swiftly.

This is how we build trust, credibility, and integrity. One promise at a time.

In an ever-changing world, we will gladly embrace change by remaining flexible yet true.

Our clients, our employees, our staff, and vendors will be served with a consistent approach from coast to coast.

Work smart. Do the right things right to ensure our resources are wisely utilized.

Keep a sense of humility. We are in the people business. Caring for people is what matters to us. Be gentle and kind toward your fellow human.

Diversity creates open minds, kinder hearts, and fills our souls with possibility.

Consider our future and those we serve.

How can we serve you?

Bring your job search and recruiting challenges to Abbott & Associates. We’ll develop a solution tailored for you.