Working with Abbott & Associates was very rewarding. Onboarding was easy, and they were able to help me achieve my goal of working first as a temp, then getting hired as a regular full-time employee of a large medical institution. They arranged for me to get the initial training required of anyone who wishes to work there, then presented me as a candidate for contract work in two different offices–and I was offered both positions the same day! I accepted one and spent eight months learning and doing a very complex job before being hired as a regular employee. Through it all, working with Abbott was very easy. I highly recommend them.

Mark, Abbott & Associates Job Seeker

A&A have worked with me for years and found a bouquet of exciting and educational administrative positions in several different departments at a local teaching hospital. They made a huge difference in my life by recognizing my ability to be more than a barista or basic office staff, and I am grateful every morning on my way to work that they took the time to learn about my skills and match me to positions. Joan and Rachel are not only excellent at what they do, they are excellent people as well – the type you would be wise to get on your side! I will never forget their kindness, compassion, and cooperation, and not many people can say that for a staffing company! If you have the focus to follow through, they won’t let you down. Five Stars A++ for Abbott and Associates!

Ruby, Abbott & Associates’ Biggest Fan

Abbott and Associates were amazing and were very supportive in my decision about not wanting to commute to certain areas. They helped me to achieve my long-term goal of permanent employment. Staff was always very friendly and VERY helpful throughout the process. They also set realistic expectations as to what the processes were for employment. If I ever found myself out of work again, I would definitely go through them again.

Candice, Abbott & Associates Job Seeker

This professional placement agency helped me tremendously. They were supportive, friendly, and exceptional at communication and replying as quickly as possible when I needed assistance. They provided multiple options as soon as I was ready for business, supported my need for public transportation, and whenever I needed placement they offered multiple options within less than 48 hours. Thanks to this agency I was able to get a job at a large company that has continued to provide training for job growth. I’m very grateful! Thank you, Joan and Rachel, for your graciousness, patience and support.

Kathleen, Abbott & Associates Job Seeker

Abbott & Associates is setting the bar sky high!

Jamethiel, Abbott & Associates Job Seeker

My experience working with Abbott & Associates has been beyond what I expected it to be. Everything from the interview process, to the first day of my assignment was quick and efficient. Rachel & Joan were both great to communicate updates about my assignment and address any questions in a timely fashion. I appreciate the level professionalism and ease working with this company.

Stephanie, Abbott & Associates Job Seeker

Personally, one of the best temp agencies I have ever worked with. Rachel was extremely proficient and reliable. Worked very fast to find me my new employer with great results. I would go through Abbott & Associates again if I find myself in need of employment.

Aaron, Abbott & Associates Job Seeker

Without the assistance of the team at Abbott & Associates I would not have been able to have the job I now have and enjoy. Within one week of signing up with Abbott I was sent on my first assignment. Everyone at Abbott is extremely professional, friendly and helpful. I have tried other staffing agencies, and Abbott is by far the most professional agency I have worked with and the one that I have recommended and will continue to recommend. Thank you for being an awesome team and for helping me find temp work and permanent full-time employment.

Karen, Abbott & Associates Job Seeker

Over the past 9 1/2 years, I have worked closely with Abbott and Associates to fulfill staffing needs at our 2 office locations. In that time, Abbott and Associates has provided over 25 office staff members to our team. These team members are aligned with our company culture and team atmosphere. Abbott and Associates take the time to get to know what qualities as well as skills we need for our team. They are dependable, goal oriented, self-directed, communicative and responsive to feedback. Deadlines are met within a timely manner. I highly recommend Abbott and Associates to everyone. They are a pleasure to work with.

Dawn, Abbott & Associates Client